The image above depicts an ancient Sumerian school room. The startling thing about the image is that the classroom set-up hasn’t changed very much over the last several thousand years. In most classrooms around the globe, student seats are lined up to face the teacher. And the teacher assumes a place at the head of the class to transmit information. This ancient structure–known as ‘classical transmission’–is outmoded for the needs of people of the 21st Century. In today’s world, independent thinking is prized over thinking somebody else’s thoughts.

The definition of ‘edit’ is to prepare something; to make changes; or to correct mistakes. Education needs to be edited.

EditEdu is a blog featuring contributions from a collective of educators, parents, and education stakeholders who are working to ‘edit’ education.

We envision a system of public schooling that supports creativity, collaboration, independent thinking, high levels of achievement, and good, plain fun. We work to make school a place where students want to be, and a place where being themselves is the first requirement of learning.

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